My Favorite Bands

Foster The People

June 2017 Foster The People where playing in Providence and my aunt got my cousin and I tickets to see them. This concert will forever be cemented in my life as the best concert ever. The venue was nothing huge and my cousin and I where able to get to the front of the crowed within seconds. People screaming and jumping all around us and when they played there first song, Helena Beat, I started jumping up in down too singing my heart out.

Once the concert ended the band tried saying there was an after party at a bar not to far but the name of the bar could not be heard over the screming crowd. My cousin and I finally find this twenty one and up club and tried to think of a plan tp sneak in. Luckily for us the owner of the bar came out told the two of us that we looked cool and we could come in.

The bar was small with a little stage and had only about twetny people inside the bar. It felt like the band was playing for me and once they finished playing there cover of Blitzkrieg Bop by Ramones, they came down to talk to each audience member. My cousin and I staired starstruck as we came face to face with the drummer Mark Pontius we froze, trying to tell him some compliments he has yet to hear but all that came from my mouth was, "great job...."

He however continued to make conversation and we soon found ourself with the band mates no longer staring but actually having a conversation with them. Our anxiety was melting away and we ended up having a great time with the band.

It was an experience I will never forget.